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Mike Skibra August 2014


My name is Mike Skibra and I welcome you to the Digital Marketing International website.

Digital Marketing International is a Manufacturer’s Representative. Our roots go back to 1982 when I joined Computer Marketing Group (CMG) to represent Apple Computer in the New York City area.  CMG was the first manufacturer’s representative to specialize in graphics products and later in video-graphics products.

DMI has been very successful.  What has been personally gratifying is to have participated in a number of major product launches, launches that changed the way hundreds of millions of people view the computer and what is created on the computer.  I participated in the launch of the Lisa and the Mac.  I promoted one of the very first desktop scanners and worked to revolutionize the publishing industry.  In 1996, I introduced the first uncompressed SDI cards to the PC and Macintosh professional market. In 1999, I demonstrated the first 10 bit SDI solutions to run on the Mac at the BDA show in San Francisco, literally minutes after getting the drivers by email.

Today, DMI represents just a few products.  We are very choosy in selecting the products we get involved with. In addition to being unique, the products that DMI represents are game changers.

If you are a manufacturer interested in professional representation for your products, please click on the link for “Professional Representation” above to see what we believe a manufacturer should look for in representation.  From that page you can also click on a few more links to see what business associates past and present think about when they talk about DMI.  Who knows, your products and our expertise might work well together.

If you want to learn more about the lines we represent, please click on “Our Manufacturers” link above.  We pride ourselves in selecting the best manufacturers to work with.  You might also find it interesting in seeing which manufacturers we have been involved with in the past.

And if you have any questions about the lines we carry, resellers we work with, or whatever else crosses your mind, drop me a line at mike.skibra@desktopvideo.info.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Skibra


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