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Mike Skibra August 2014

Welcome you to the Digital Marketing International website.  My name is Mike Skibra. Digital Marketing International, or DMI, was a manufacturers’ representative based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Except for brief intermissions to head up international operations for Truevision (June of 1990- August 1993)  and stints with Techexport of Boston (October 1993 – August 1994) a New York based AV reseller (September 1994 – March 1995) and a final stint at Truevision (April 1995 – January 1996), I was a manufacturers’ rep for 33 ½ years.  My wife, Ingrid Skibra, my partner for life and in business, worked at Siemens Corporation before being a homemaker prior to joining me in at DMI in 1997.  While I was the face to the outside, she was the one taking care of all of the financial and administrative work for the company.  Together we made an incredible team that brought incredible products to the market North and South American marketplace.

If you happened upon this site deliberately, please note that we do not regularly read emails sent to this domain. If you are looking to contact me because you are interested in one of the lines that DMI represented, please look for contact information on those companies’ sites because, as indicated, DMI has closed its doors. If you need to get in touch with me, you will find my professional contact information on LinkedIn.

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Mike Skibra


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